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Lectio Divina

The gospel is not a heavenly demand of what we must do to be saved; it is a heavenly declaration of what God has done to save us. John Piper

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It has been a while since I visited The Pew to post something. My last post was my grand declaration of submitting totally to God. I wonder now if that wasn’t one of my more egotistical moves. It has now been over a month and I can say it has been a spiritual time of upheaval.


One of the first lessons I learned was just how misdirected we Christians can be. In our pursuit of a spiritual and faith filled life we can create amazing facades and erect them around us into a beautifully designed and crafted booth that stands as a monument to our spiritual correctness. But what that booth really is is a barrier, a rampart to protect my belief from invaders lest someone come along and find the chink in the wall that proves my booth is made of paper instead of stone. (more…)

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