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A Drive-by Posting

I’ve dropped the ball here at Room With A Pew and haven’t been posting in a while.  There have been a lot of life changes, interior and exterior, that are providing lots of blog fodder so as long as I can mange my time I should get some things posted here.  Some of the topics banging around my brain looking for a blog exit… (more…)


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Another lesson in my one year journey with God is a revelatory one. It is one I would have told anyone I had conquered years ago yet when it came down to where the rubber meets the road all I had managed to do was identify it then shove it aside. I learned that much of my belief system, many of my paradigms, how I viewed God and Jesus, and how I pursued my faith walk were all driven by a deep seated fear. (more…)

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The Son of God himself, who is before all ages,
the invisible, the incomprehensible, the bodiless,
the beginning from the beginning,
the light from the light,
source of life and immortality,
image of the archetype,
immovable seal,
unchangeable image,
the Father’s definition and Word,
he it is who came to his own image and took to himself flesh for the sake of our flesh. 

Gregory Nazianzen; 4th-century Archbishop of Constantinople

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