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Early in the winter we had a surprise in our home. Every year there are some plants that have to be brought in from outdoors in order for them to make it through the winter. This year when we brought in some young corkscrew willows that are still in pots we unknowingly brought in some surprise guests. (more…)


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When the fullness of time comes, no philosophical genius, no Plato or Socrates appears to fulfill the mission of redemption. Nor does a powerful conqueror, another Alexander, take over the earth. Instead a child is born in Bethlehem. He it is who is to redeem the world. But before he speaks he loves with deeds. It is no magic formula he brings, because he knows that the salvation he offers must pass through human hearts. What does he first do? He laughs and cries and sleeps defenseless, as a baby, though he is God incarnate. And he does this so that we may fall in love with him, so that we may learn to take him in our arms. (more…)

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