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Recently I posted a brief comment on the social network site, G+, which stated my dislike for the habit some Christians have of showing hatred toward other people and justifying it in the name of their Christian beliefs.  It is all over the Internet as it is in our own towns.  It is as if some feel that being a Christian gives them the license to rip apart anyone with differing beliefs. One person responded to my post with a comment that Jesus Himself chastised groups of people and referred to Christ calling the Pharisees a brood of vipers, and calling the Canaanites dogs.  He also stated that people of today throw around the word “hate” when what they are actually referring to is a harsh truth.

So this called up a question in my mind.  If Jesus did these things, does that give Christians license to do the same in His name? (more…)


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When the fullness of time comes, no philosophical genius, no Plato or Socrates appears to fulfill the mission of redemption. Nor does a powerful conqueror, another Alexander, take over the earth. Instead a child is born in Bethlehem. He it is who is to redeem the world. But before he speaks he loves with deeds. It is no magic formula he brings, because he knows that the salvation he offers must pass through human hearts. What does he first do? He laughs and cries and sleeps defenseless, as a baby, though he is God incarnate. And he does this so that we may fall in love with him, so that we may learn to take him in our arms. (more…)

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The Son of God himself, who is before all ages,
the invisible, the incomprehensible, the bodiless,
the beginning from the beginning,
the light from the light,
source of life and immortality,
image of the archetype,
immovable seal,
unchangeable image,
the Father’s definition and Word,
he it is who came to his own image and took to himself flesh for the sake of our flesh. 

Gregory Nazianzen; 4th-century Archbishop of Constantinople

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