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In today’s society the notion of humility seems to be greeted with anathema.  It’s a curse word; something to shun, fear and ridicule.  We are taught to take control and to “look out for number one”.  Yet, when we allow ourselves to be humble and submit (yet another word we are not supposed to like) to God’s will good things inevitably happen.

El_Greco_The_Annunciation_c1590    One of the greatest examples of this is presented to us in the story of the annunciation.  The archangel Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her some astounding things.  She will be with child. Something that will happen through the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, and she will give birth to the Son of God.  Mary “humbles” herself and “submits” to God’s will, as incredible and impossible as the whole scenario appears.  Note, Mary was not commanded to do this.  She could have said no.  Instead she asks for clarification and understanding and then utters that incredible and life changing statement:  Be it done to me according to your will.  (more…)


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The Son of God himself, who is before all ages,
the invisible, the incomprehensible, the bodiless,
the beginning from the beginning,
the light from the light,
source of life and immortality,
image of the archetype,
immovable seal,
unchangeable image,
the Father’s definition and Word,
he it is who came to his own image and took to himself flesh for the sake of our flesh. 

Gregory Nazianzen; 4th-century Archbishop of Constantinople

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